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What is the meaning of birch in Hindi?

Meaning of birch in Hindi is : सन्टी

Definition of word birch

  • any of various trees of the genus Betula, native to countries in the northern hemisphere. (noun)
    उत्तरी गोलार्ध के देशों के मूल निवासी बेतूला जीनस के विभिन्न पेड़ों में से कोई भी।
  • to punish with a stick, bundle of twigs, or rod made of birch wood. (verb)
    एक छड़ी, टहनियों के बंडल, या बर्च की लकड़ी से बनी छड़ी से दंडित करना।

Examples of word birch

    • But the meanest thing that I ever heard of his doing, was this: In these same woods -- the woods where the huckleberries and hazel nuts grew -- there were great multitudes of birch trees, of different species and among the rest, some of that species which goes by the name, among children, of _black birch_.
    • Hey twin birch is that a yellow lab I see in your pic?
    • Silver birch is even better than paper birch, though both work fine.
    • For a purely primitive firestarter take some paper thin birch bark and wrap it around a thumb-size wad of pine sap.
    • From an inside pocket he drew out his matches and a strip of thin birch bark.
    • Walter had named them long ago; and last November, when he had walked with her and Miss Oliver in the Valley, he had said, looking at the leafless Lady, with a young silver moon hanging over her, "A white birch is a beautiful Pagan maiden who has never lost the Eden secret of being naked and unashamed."
    • "That birch is such a place for birds and they sing like mad in the mornings."