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What is the meaning of biosafety in Hindi?

Meaning of biosafety in Hindi is :

Definition of word biosafety

  • protection from potential harm from biological agents, such as infectious microbes or modified genes. (noun)

Examples of word biosafety

  • [laughs] Because the term biosafety officer really had not been coined until 1976 or thereabouts, at the Asilomar Conference in California, where the first recombinant DNA research was presented as scientific fact.
  • Because of the particularly toxic nature of the disease-causing agents studied at these labs, known as biosafety level (BSL) 4 labs, they are held to a higher level of security, or they are supposed to ... '
  • Extending the rule to labs that handle anthrax, West Nile virus and tuberculosis, known as biosafety level 3, could affect hundreds of scientists.
  • Multilateral Environmental Agreements – WTO rules should not override multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) designed to address global environmental problems such as biosafety, climate change and hazardous waste.
  • And multilateral negotiations will soon be underway on agreements to address new, emerging issues such as biosafety and the use of toxic chemicals, in particular those chemicals like DDT and PCBs that are persistent and that travel long distances through the atmosphere and oceans.