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What is the meaning of biogenetic in Hindi?

Meaning of biogenetic in Hindi is :

Definition of word biogenetic

  • Of or pertaining to biogenesis (adjective)

Examples of word biogenetic

  • K.E. von Baer, the founder of the whole present science of the history of development, has certainly a most competent judgment of the correctness of this so-called biogenetic maxim; and he convincingly shows, in his essay on "Darwin's Doctrine," that the embryos never represent a former animalic form, but that their development follows the principle of representing first the common characteristics of the class, then those of the order, etc., until finally the individual characteristics appear in the formation.
  • In 2002 Walker and Read showed young adults a video portraying a man with psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions, then gave them either biogenetic or psychosocial explanations.
  • Lastly, more compelling than any individual study, a review of the literature to date in 2006 found that overall, biogenetic causal theories, and labelling something as an "illness", are both positively related to perceptions of dangerousness and unpredictability, and to fear and desire for social distance.
  • On Earth, it makes me a biogenetic magician, capable of turning this planet†™ s clumsy organic mass into any number of forms, including several which would pop tiny human brains if made public.
  • But he had a passage in First as Tragedy, Then as Farce that I thought was highly relevant to this discussion, in which he talks about the threat of privatization (by capitalism) of three different “commons”: the commons of culture, the commons of external nature (i.e., the precipitation of ecological disaster) and most relevant for our discussion here, the commons of internal nature, which he defines as “the biogenetic inheritance of humanity”:
  • Carter his first intro to the world of biogenetic dogs when he meets Fifi, who explodes soon after their encounter.
  • Wells makes much of the fact that the biogenetic law presumes that embryos ought to be most similar at the earliest possible stage of development, yet the period of greatest similarity, the phylotypic stage, occurs well into development, and that the earliest stages exhibit seemingly significant differences.
  • An assumption such as that would be wholly limiting and likely erroneous in light of the varied and fluid lives proto-Ruvu speakers and their descendants have lived since their initial settlement in the region, as well as the more obvious point that speakers of a language do not have an essential biogenetic link to prior speakers of a language.
  • It is much more exciting to focus on popular causes, such as climate change, equal rights, biogenetic engineering, or even alien life, anything but economics.