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What is the meaning of binder in Hindi?

Meaning of binder in Hindi is : योजक द्रव

Definition of word binder

  • Someone who binds, particularly someone who binds books; a bookbinder. (noun)

Examples of word binder

  • He should have noted from the title binder he reviewed before the closing that there had been an estate in the chain of owners within the preceding 10 years.
  • My abdominal binder is not in the right place and hurts a fair amount, but there's no point in trying to adjust it until I am prone again.
  • Also, clipped to the cover of binder is note pad for reminder notes of things I forgot, need to replace, repair, maintenance, contact info of friends I make on the water, or whatever.
  • A section divider in Van Hollen's binder is titled "Third Party Competitives" and tracks their spending.
  • My home binder is so big and heavy that I don't use it as I should.
  • The home management binder is still useful, but at my stage in life, this one works better for me.
  • Lena took the binder from the counselor with pale, cold hands.