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What is the meaning of bimetallic in Hindi?

Meaning of bimetallic in Hindi is : द्विधात्वीय

Definition of word bimetallic

  • Pertaining to the use of gold and silver to create legal currency (adjective)

Examples of word bimetallic

  • It does take a while for copper and steel to react with bimetallic corrosion and moisture is required.
  • It recognizes the futility of instituting a bimetallic system of currency, when the whole world is in opposition, and considers that such an act would be inimical to the welfare of the country.
  • The Qing's monetary system was a bimetallic system of parallel standard in which silver and copper coins circulated. 144 Silver was usually used in large transactions and copper cash served in daily small deals.
  • The Tin Woodman is emboldened by a bimetallic tool, a gold ax with a silver blade, and the Scarecrow learns he's intelligent, not stupid.
  • The US was only on a bimetallic “standard” during the 1800s and even then, very little silver was traded.
  • The most memorable work of literature to come from the debate over gold and silver in the United States was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900, by journalist L. Frank Baum, who greatly distrusted the power of the city financiers and who supported a bimetallic dollar based on both gold and silver.
  • In the process, the farmer Scarecrow found out how intelligent he was, the lion found his courage, and the working Tin Man received a new source of strength in a bimetallic tool -- a golden ax with a blade of silver -- and he would never rust again as long as he had his silver oil can encrusted with gold and jewels.
  • Sometimes platinum is combined with a second catalyst (bimetallic catalyst) such as rhenium or another noble metal.
  • A minor one concerns your references to the history of bimetallic and gold standards.