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What is the meaning of biding in Hindi?

Meaning of biding in Hindi is :

Definition of word biding

  • Present participle of bide. (verb)
  • residence; habitation (noun)

Examples of word biding

    • Scanning a 70 year old magazine that's has printing all the way to the inner margin with a really tight biding is still a pain in the ass, but without the glass flush to the edge of the scanner it would be nearly impossible.
    • I cannot better bid farewell to all woes and pains and intolerable distresses, and to the hell of the amorous woman, than in biding farewell to you, madam, without the least prospect that wherever you or I may be we shall ever look upon each other more.
    • I'm not crazy about any of them, so I'm kind of biding my time right now, looking for something real nice.
    • COTTLE: Well, right now, I think Democrats, especially publicly, are just kind of biding their time.
    • '' We're just kind of biding our time until the economy goes in the right direction, '' he said.
    • "I was just kind of biding my time there at the end - probably a little too much," said Rosenboom of Rock Rapids, Iowa.
    • I had another, larger reason for biding my time: I felt I needed to make a fresh start with voters.