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What is the meaning of bewitchment in Hindi?

Meaning of bewitchment in Hindi is : सम्मोहन

Definition of word bewitchment

  • The characteristic of being bewitched. (noun)

Examples of word bewitchment

  • The love that drives him increasingly looks like something baser and less flattering--a kind of bewitchment he seems helpless against, though it comes from within.
  • Many Malawians hold similar beliefs about the possibility of bewitchment, and we had heard numerous disturbing tales involving children and witchcraft from other clients in the clinic.
  • Magic spells, poisons, potions and enchantments may be frequent plot devices at the ballet, but the art form itself is under a bewitchment of its own making.
  • Gillian Anderson's version of the duchess the former Wallis Warfield Simpson, begins as a bewitchment and ends like the strike of a rattlesnake.
  • What the local people saw as bewitchment he saw as mental stress.
  • Its prevalence is not the result of a recent word transfer or innovation, but reflects the preservation of an ancient verb root of persistent meaning that dates back to the proto-Bantu period of the early third millennium BCE. 56 In other words, the idea of bewitchment has retained its current meaning and linguistic form for at least 5,000 years.
  • And yet in Julian Mitchell's exemplary adaptation it glides on to the stage scented with the peculiar tang of Ford's writing: a mixture of regret, bitterness, bewilderment and bewitchment.