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What is the meaning of better in Hindi?

Meaning of better in Hindi is : स‌ंवारना

Definition of word better

  • comparative form of good or well: more good or well (adjective)
    अच्छा या अच्छा का तुलनात्मक रूप: अधिक अच्छा या अच्छा
  • comparative form of well: more well (adverb)
    कुएँ का तुलनात्मक रूप: अधिक कुआँ
  • An entity, usually animate, deemed superior to another. (noun)
    एक इकाई, आमतौर पर चेतन, दूसरे से श्रेष्ठ मानी जाती है।

Examples of word better

  • We would do better to say: _more_ is often _better_ , but _most_ is rarely _best_ , especially if we fail to measure everything together, tangible and intangible alike.
  • Popper held, that even if a theory t2 with a higher content than a rival theory t1 is subsequently falsified, it can still legitimately be regarded as a better theory than t1, and ˜better™ is here now understood to mean t2 is closer to the truth than t1.
  • Most of the contemporary "political poetry" I've read remain mired in authorial biography (granted, it could be a function of my reading habit) -- they were writ primarily to make the authors feel better (by *feel better*, it includes ranting against abuse).
  • People are better than their creeds, and, it should seem, sometimes _better_ than _their_ principles.
  • Were they, after all, with all their muddy color and uncertain composition, better -- actually _better_, in the fundamentals that count, than those two glorified forms that ruled the room?
  • Bright knew his Englishmen better than Lowell did, —better than England did.
  • The idealists planned and strove and shouted that their city should become a better, better, and better city—and what they meant, when they used the word “better, ” was “more prosperous, ” and the core of their idealism was this: “The more prosperous my beloved city, the more prosperous beloved I!
  • First, _Know what you want to say_; second, _Say it_; third, _Use your own language_; fourth, _Leave out all the fine passages_; fifth, _A short word is better than a long one_; sixth, _The fewer words, other things being equal, the better_; finally, _Cut it to pieces_.
  • "You were Peter Grimm," she said, "before you knew better" -- that's what _they_ call leaving _this_ world -- "_to know better_."