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What is the meaning of betraying in Hindi?

Meaning of betraying in Hindi is :

Definition of word betraying

  • Present participle of betray. (verb)

Examples of word betraying

  • Her expression betraying nothing, Chen asked, “Sir, did you know you have a green stain on your pants?”
  • Redmond pushed open the door and went inside, his expression betraying nothing.
  • A “clean wound,” as the doctor in the emergency room would later say, his expression betraying no awareness of the irony inherent in such a description.
  • I cringed and glanced at the patient staring numbly at the ceiling, her expression betraying nothing.
  • However, unlike Huey Long, our President hasn't taken on a moniker betraying his ambition.
  • And what do Democrats stand for, if they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as the "mob" -- a word betraying a Marie Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals.
  • This would make sense if AOL was looking for someone with expertise in betraying their community.
  • His real fault lies in betraying the broader set of principles that brought him into office, and which, if he continues as before, sooner or later will sweep him out.
  • The senator walked slowly around the apparatus, his expression betraying no sign of censure or approval.