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What is the meaning of betel in Hindi?

Meaning of betel in Hindi is : पान

Definition of word betel

  • Either of two plants often used in combination (noun)
    दो पौधों में से कोई एक अक्सर संयोजन में उपयोग किया जाता है

Examples of word betel

  • In the rare instances where scholarly literature mentions its subjective effects, the news about betel is uniformly good: It imparts the ... repeatedly described sensation of well-being, good humor, excitation, and comfort ...
  • When a visitor calls the betel-box is immediately passed to him; and as in regard to the eating of salt in Western Asia, so, in the eastern and southern portions, those who have once partaken of betel-nut together are ever after sworn to faithful and undying friendship.
  • The tall, slender areca palm, which stands about every kampong, supplies the natives with their great luxury -- an acorn, known as the betel-nut, which, when crushed and mixed with lime leaves, takes the place of our chewing tobacco.
  • The betel is a species of pepper, the leaf of which very much resembles that of the black pepper, but is highly aromatic and pungent.
  • The betel is a creeping-plant with an aromatic leaf.
  • This is an herb called betel, or _paune_, its leaf resembling that of our ivy.
  • The source of their euphoria is "binglang," the dried fruit of the areca palm, sometimes referred to as betel nut, which sets the nervous system buzzing and warms the body, especially after a large banquet.
  • She escaped a year again and through Apne-Aap has started her own "betel" shop (a digestive snack).
  • Strictly speaking, "betel" is the leaf of a climbing plant (buyo) that is chewed with the nut.