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What is the meaning of bespeak in Hindi?

Meaning of bespeak in Hindi is : पहिले से स्थिर कर लेना

Definition of word bespeak

  • To speak about; tell of; relate; discuss. (verb)
    बात करने के लिए; के बारे में बताओ; संबंधित; चर्चा करें।
  • A request for a specific performance; a benefit performance, by a patron. (noun)
    एक विशिष्ट प्रदर्शन के लिए एक अनुरोध; एक संरक्षक द्वारा एक लाभ प्रदर्शन।

Examples of word bespeak

    • The public duties to which he was often called bespeak his ability, and the confidence reposed in him by the leading men of his day.
    • Ma’aruf was silent92 and did not again bespeak him till he reached the Desert Quarter and casting him down there, went away and left him in that horrible place. —
    • Both titles bespeak what our nation claims to stand for in education: a passion for imparting knowledge to all our children, equity for all students 'performance, and dedication and commitment from instructors to the ideals of universal education across the country.
    • "bespeak" - "commission to be made," according to my Oxford dictionary-a burger.
    • It was Mr. Crummles 'habit to give a benefit performance, commonly called a "bespeak," to any member of his company fortunate enough to have either a birthday or any other anniversary of sufficient importance to challenge attention on the posters, and not long after Nicholas entered the company, this honor fell to the lot of one of the prominent actresses, Miss Snevellicci.
    • And to come to a later instance, the reader may bear in mind that before that ornament of Mr. Crummles's company, Miss Snevellici, took her benefit or "bespeak" at the Portsmouth Theatre, she, in company with Nicholas Nickleby, and, for propriety's sake, the Infant
    • "bespeak," that you can select and arrange to your own taste; that it is not "to take or to leave" at your peril and as it offers itself.
    • These tangible things bespeak an underlying reality.
    • But Alder said the one-day spike in violence does not necessarily bespeak a larger trend.