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What is the meaning of benevolent in Hindi?

Meaning of benevolent in Hindi is : हितैषी

Definition of word benevolent

  • Having a disposition to do good. (adjective)

Examples of word benevolent

  • It was only the other day I read in the report of the Consumers’ League in my own city that “a benevolent institution, ” when found giving out clothing to be made in tenement houses that were not licensed, and taken to task for it, asked the agents of the League to “show some way in which the law could be evaded”; but it is just as well for that “benevolent institution” that name and address were wanting, or it might find its funds running short unaccountably.
  • The term benevolent compassion puzzled Noam Cohen, executive editor of Inside.com and a former copy editor at the New York Times.
  • Well, I don't like the term benevolent dictator, and I don't think that it's my job or my role in the world of ideas to be the dictator of the future of all human knowledge compiled by the world.
  • "Well, I am what I call a benevolent thief," replied Shih-Kung.
  • "This person did not have access to what we call our benevolent fund," he said Thursday.
  • Like many who assume that I am one to whom the high court’s decisions about language can be appealed, he wrote to me: I was wondering what you made of Justice Scalia’s use of the term benevolent compassion.