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What is the meaning of beneficial in Hindi?

Meaning of beneficial in Hindi is : हितप्रद

Definition of word beneficial

  • Helpful or good to something or someone. (adjective)
    किसी चीज या किसी के लिए मददगार या अच्छा।

Examples of word beneficial

  • "We're trying to protect what we call the beneficial uses of the water," Cash said.
  • This month, the Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program selected its new group of First Mover Fellows: individuals embedded deep within large companies with great capacity to lead the way to achieving fundamental social change -- change that is also strategic and long-term beneficial for the companies involved.
  • Government spending can be reduced by enormous amounts without serious consequences, and long-term beneficial effect, but in the short term this can result in an adjustment period with recessionary implications.
  • Both of these applications of stock creation are finite in beneficial extent.
  • If it becomes known that the govenment intends to use the banks that pass inspection in beneficial take-overs of the banks that fail (or their assets anyway) the most secure banks will seek out the government so that they could be inspected early.