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What is the meaning of ben in Hindi?

Meaning of ben in Hindi is : पर्व

Definition of word ben

  • A diminutive of the male given name Benjamin or, less often, of Benedict. (proper noun)
    पुरुष का एक छोटा नाम बेंजामिन या, कम अक्सर, बेनेडिक्ट का।

Examples of word ben

  • Bil Browning says: I'm disappointed that the link didn't say more about Count Laszlo de ... scott ny'er says: @Ben: I agree with most folks here and what Ben said.
  • Ben Berkowitz One thing we have found in our neighborhood is that sometimes the posting on the Internet can get ... libertad @Ben - "Less posting on the internet about the problem, more inviting neighbors over for coffee." ...
  • DON OWNBY, FATHER OF BEN OWNBY: All my energy is focused on Ben being back and Doris and Amanda.
  • Iggy was the name Ben had given Rich when he was a baby, just beginning to talk.
  • A San Francisco artist who goes by the name Ben Venom has come up with an unusual use for those old heavy metal shirts - he sews them into quilts.
  • Finney-Smith chose Virginia Tech over Florida and Old Dominion, where his older brother Ben is the Monarchs 'No. 2 returning starter.
  • Her father Ben is accused of laundering money for the Columbian drug cartel but he acts as a witness against the Columbians and is taken into the Witness Protection Program.
  • As of today, I own a couch called Ben, for no other reason than that the name Ben has a cozy, comfy sort of ring to it, evocative of a happy-go-lucky, mop-haired kid fond of SpaghettiOs and striped overalls.