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What is the meaning of belong in Hindi?

Meaning of belong in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word belong

  • Of, belonging to. (preposition)
    का, से संबंधित।
  • To have its proper place. (verb)
    उसका उचित स्थान हो।

Examples of word belong

    • The former _stand for_ nouns, and never belong to them; the latter _belong to_ nouns, and never stand for them.
    • Council, that all vessels under a neutral or friendly flag, being neutral or friendly property, shall be permitted to import into any port or place in Her Majesty's dominions all goods and merchandize whatsoever, to whomsoever the same may belong, [217] and to export from any port or place in her Majesty's dominions to any port not blockaded, any cargo or goods, not being contraband of war, or not requiring a special permission, to _whomsoever the same may belong_.
    • "And now," said he, "as you belong to the church of Christ, so your children, in a certain sense, and that a very important and precious sense, _belong_ to the church.
    • I believe the title belong to the Audi R8 or Escalade platinum.
    • But the design of the ones to which I belong is not mine.
    • Please those country bumkins and palin belong together, let her go let her speak my question is how in the heck can anyone stand the sound of her annoying voice for any lenght of time.
    • We also know that about 20% of the American electorate, the stupidest 20% to which out pet trolls belong, is stupid enough to vote for this moron.
    • Bay Area cats and dogs that converse in English belong to two underground intelligence organisations dedicated to protecting their human masters.
    • I look at the heroic Downs with a gasp of joy every day and the sense of a place where you can belong is palpable.