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What is the meaning of believes in Hindi?

Meaning of believes in Hindi is :

Definition of word believes

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of believe. (verb)

Examples of word believes

  • Certainly what Griffin believes is axiomatic in many countries as diverse as Japan and most Middle Eastern countries.
  • While the Winkler clients fill out personality profiles similar to the ones found online, the difference, Ahlin believes, is the hour-and-a-half interview.
  • But, in contrast, say, to Hugo Black's First Amendment opinions of the 1950s, which permanently etchned themselves in my then-undergraduate consciousness, or, for that matter, almost any of Scalia's dissents, where the reader always gets a very strong sense of what Scalia believes is a stake with regard to the country or culture outside the courtroom, there is little in Stevens 'opinion that stirs the passions or leads one to want to mobilize politically.
  • Finally, Larbi, sums up [Fr] what he believes is at stake.
  • Huang Zhangjin believes that in order to calm down the tense situation in Xinjiang now, the best thing is to relief Wang Lequan from his job.
  • Kevin believes in the basic conservative principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility, Smith said.
  • I want to have him coached my two mentors to lead what he believes is a righteous battle against a corrupt church/government.
  • Kevin believes that Washington is fundamentally broken.
  • Then we would see whether the market would fail, as the Left believes is inevitable, or whether it would work.