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  • Even within our current legal system, American Jews regularly resolve civil matters through rabbinical courts known as beit din.
  • An Arab tent is called beit, "house;" its covering consists of stuff, about three quarters of a yard broad, made of black goat's-hair, (Song of Solomon 1: 5) laid parallel with the tent's length.
  • During seder, aka beit midrash, aka text prep, it’s understood that we can use English b/c it’s important to walk into class being as crystal as possible on the texts at hand.
  • It's a sacredness that reminds us why the word synagogue in Greek and beit knesset in Hebrew were chosen by Jews many centuries ago.
  • Here on the farm I'll chase off anything that comes close to the house and barns beit a deer, moose, bear, fox, coyotes, rabbits, etc.
  • Approaching an unknown person on the street of Damascus, someone may ask me "min beit meen?" meaning "whose house are you from?" or "who is your family or tribe?"