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What is the meaning of befitting in Hindi?

Meaning of befitting in Hindi is : योग्य

Definition of word befitting

  • Present participle of befit. (verb)
  • appropriate, becoming (adjective)
    उपयुक्त, बनना

Examples of word befitting

    • He also wore an expression befitting a totally innocent man and revealed just the proper degree of shock, his eyes opening wider, when Van Sant asked him, “Did you kill your wife?”
    • The Gossip Girl a title befitting the appearance of the new rising star Lady Gaga, with a luster performance that stole the show at SNL, fans are looking forward to the episode with our Princes Diva.
    • I'm surprised Hutchinson didn't write under the pseudonym, TRUSTUS, a label befitting a man who held a plurality of key offices.
    • American Classic, a title befitting the artist himself, finds Willie Nelson returning to the Great American Songbook in a sequel to his best-selling crossover album
    • “I need a name befitting my status, and I can’t think of one that does the job half as well as Romulus.”
    • "A certain befitting gravity should grace the occasion," Chris agreed, placing his hand on Planchette.
    • Jets wide receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes recently christened themselves the " Flight Boys, " a nickname befitting teammates who have aspired to reach the height of their profession this season, if not the height of hubris.
    • It's a media-centric term befitting the central role of right-wing blogs as media critics: Robert Fisk was the first big-time reporter whose reputation was destroyed by the meticulous fact-checking of right-wing bloggers.