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What is the meaning of beeped in Hindi?

Meaning of beeped in Hindi is :

Definition of word beeped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of beep. (verb)

Examples of word beeped

  • COOPER: We can't really play much of it because it's all kind of beeped out.
  • I can't remember the last time I heard a curse word "beeped" out.
  • Let's hear his song when it was "beeped" out some specific words shall we.
  • "beeped" at us and about how she did have motorcycle experience and she finally thought we should try anyway.
  • Each time the teenager got beeped, he or she was supposed to fill out a few pages answering questions such as “What are you doing right now?”
  • The console beeped harshly, and a bright light flashed.
  • He was maneuvering the ship in past the first field of debris when his fone beeped.
  • As we walked back to the car the Blarney guy drove by and beeped his horn, then turned around and went back the other way, beeping his horn at me again.
  • For one week, he or she would be beeped at random times throughout the day.