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What is the meaning of been in Hindi?

Meaning of been in Hindi is :

Definition of word been

  • Plural form of bee. (noun)
  • Past participle of be (verb)
    be . का पिछला कृदंत

Examples of word been

    • We are here to speak of the thousands of women who� have been destroyed through war, who have been� raped, battered and butchered.
    • We can say, I _have_ been, I _had_ been; but what sort of a tense is, _had have been_?
    • (Substitute _have been seeing_ for _have been_ in the future perfect indicative of _to be_.)
    • (Substitute _have been seen_ for _have been_ in the future perfect indicative of _to be_.)
    • Not only has the slave territory been nearly doubled in the present century; but by a recent decision of the Supreme Court, every law which _has been_ passed by Congress restricting slavery, is pronounced contrary to the constitution, and therefore invalid.
    • Compounds of more than two words may be analyzed thus: +May have been written+ is composed of the compound auxiliary +may have been+ and the participle +written; may have been+ is composed of the compound auxiliary
    • The soldiers of July, who, in his opinion, could have been overcome by one-third their number of British regulars, were in September perhaps as fine “a body of men in all respects of physique” as had ever “been assembled by any power in the world.
    • If the smallest and least of the countries of Asia has been able to do this, it is because she has _been let alone_, -- not conquered, exploited, nor drugged.
    • I have been a man, a husband, and a father; that is, I have _been_ a father!