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What is the meaning of become in Hindi?

Meaning of become in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word become

Examples of word become

  • I have learned that despite our hardships and our sorrow, we can still become amazing people… more than that… we can become… well… saints I guess.
  • The perpetuity of the transformations or the power to become, whenever it pleased, the form it desired; was everywhere recalled to the mind of the people of Ancient Egypt, by the symbolic figure of the scarab, the hieroglyph of the words: _To become_, _to be_, _to be existing_, as also creator, an amulet of power above all others.
  • And this potentiality is thus explained: When a woman conceives, a Soul is immediately sent into the embryo which is to become the infant, in which Soul are then, potentially, all the members and veins of the body, which afterward, from that potency of the Soul, _become_ in the human body of the child to be born.
  • A spokesperson for said the always-chic Moss will help the label "become an aspirational brand."
  • Has his name become synonymous with a cheat or a curse word-or is he just a human being just like anyone else?
  • It was such a good idea that his name become immortal: all over the country, thousands of lawyers are Shepardizing their cases every day.