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What is the meaning of beatification in Hindi?

Meaning of beatification in Hindi is : आनन्दित करने की क्रिया

Definition of word beatification

  • The act of beatifying, or the state of being beatified; esp., in the Roman Catholic Church, the act or process of ascertaining and declaring that a deceased person is one of "the blessed," or has attained the second degree of sanctity, — usually a stage in the process of canonization. (noun)

Examples of word beatification

  • Sorry Art, but John Henry Newman has not yet been beatified, let alone canonized -- though his beatification is expected soon.
  • Step 2, in beatification, it seems is also drinking.
  • Apparently, the cause of G.K. Chesterton's beatification is being promoted by the Chesterton Society in England.
  • Although Cardinal Newman’s beatification is considered to be likely by many, the Church has made no announcement that Cardinal Newman will be beatified.
  • “His beatification is an opportunity – which it is for the pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury – to speak to the nation with a message of hope, and indeed to speak to the church around the world,” said Canon David Richardson, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative to the Vatican.
  • Franco Origlia/Getty Images Cardinals attended the beatification, which is the last major milestone before a candidate is declared a saint.
  • Special trains, planes and buses were shuttling Poles in for the beatification, which is drawing some 16 heads of state and five members of European royal houses.
  • "It was a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be here for this," said Sandra Thornton, 39, an airline worker from Camden, N.J.The beatification was the fastest in modern church history, taking place six years and 29 days after John Paul's death 15 days faster than Mother Teresa's, who was beatified in 2003.