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What is the meaning of bearberry in Hindi?

Meaning of bearberry in Hindi is :

Definition of word bearberry

  • Any of three dwarf shrubs of the genus Arcostaphylus, which grow in arctic regions and bear edible berries. (noun)
  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, the common bearberry. (noun)

Examples of word bearberry

    • Also known as bearberry, uva ursi’s use as a folk remedy for urinary-tract infections has been validated by modern research, which shows that this herb is an effective treatment for bladder and kidney ailments.
    • Black spruce and dwarf larch Larix larieina scrub colonises exposed moraines, giving way to an ericaceous shrub formation in the more exposed and unstable areas with alpine bearberry Anctostaphylos alpina, alpine azalea Loiseleuria procumbens and diapensia.
    • Typical ground cover includes lichens, mosses, bracken fern and members of the heath family (bearberry and teaberry).
    • Understory species include bearberry, mosses, and sedges.
    • I scream her name—Opal Opal—run past beach heather and bearberry—Opal Opal Opal—and suddenly remember Napeague Harbor beyond the tallest dune.


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