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What is the meaning of bear in Hindi?

Meaning of bear in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word bear

Examples of word bear

  • Ivan raised his hand, offering the note to the open mouth of the bear, knowing that if he felt like it, Bear would take his hand as well.
  • And then they went to have their milk, and the big bear said, "Who's been drinking my milk?" and the middling Bear said,
  • My son's getting in on the act, demanding a blankie for his bear, Bear, out of this ball of mystery yarn.
  • Joe Goddard sounds like he's having much more fun with his mate and fellow DJ Raf Rundell as The 2 Bears, labouring the gag somewhat by dressing as bears, employing a ghostly sample of The Teddy Bears' Picnic on the opening track here and giving the novelty house of their first single the title Bear Hug.
  • The World's Largest Gummy Bear is the lion of the candy world.
  • This post will take some explaining: my first book, The Shadow of the Bear is a modern retelling of the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red."
  • And Minus the Bear is a tight band, very technically accomplished and very very precise, yet they somehow perform wild.
  • This middle mare of the team has a little foal running beside her '-- he made a small spot beside the mark that stood for the central star of what we call the Bear's Tail.