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What is the meaning of beaming in Hindi?

Meaning of beaming in Hindi is : दीप्तिमान

Definition of word beaming

  • Smilingly happy; showing happy emotion. (adjective)
    मुस्कुराते हुए खुश; खुशी की भावना दिखा रहा है।
  • Present participle of beam. (verb)

Examples of word beaming

    • She was exchanging private glances with Joel and beaming from the audience like a proud mother (and looking a lot like Mrs. Miller from “Almost Famous”) every time the brothers were onstage.
    • The gallant steed bounded forward – the golden light was beaming from the sky – and we paused to watch his progress.
    • “An officer, no less,” his mother said in German, beaming with pride.
    • The reporters on all of them were all just beaming, which is not something they normally do here.
    • The only line I can draw between the two is the idea of beaming consciousness and control into a separate being to inhabit an otherwise uninhabitable planet.
    • I am wondering if a world crime tribunal sends him to the gallows, will this brave heart face the noose barefaced with the Bible in hand and with TV cameras catching his every expression beaming it live into many homes – I am sure some may definitely quip, what a beautiful sight that would be!
    • I think that, dangerous as the written word like that is, the beaming of Israel-hatred into British living rooms is arguably worse, given the ubiquity of television (as distinct from publications like the LRB) in British homes.
    • Hence, the idea of beaming down two teams at different points in the palace.
    • But it has left behind it a token; a clear, bright impress; a smile of undissembled love and purity; an expression beaming with the last unutterable peace; the graces which were so winning upon earth, but which shall attain their perfection in heaven.