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What is the meaning of baying in Hindi?

Meaning of baying in Hindi is :

Definition of word baying

  • Present participle of bay. (verb)
  • Action of the verb to bay; howling. (noun)
    बे करने के लिए क्रिया की क्रिया; गरजना

Examples of word baying

    • We put our tracking dogs on the track and she went in baying and when we couldn't get in to her she came back bloodied.
    • On that note, let the trolls begin baying at the moon …
    • They would follow the convoy all day long, with the furtive air characteristic of those to whom life means nothing but a constant dodging of half-bricks violently hurled; and at night they would sit around in a circle and perform the mournful operation known as baying the moon, which they did with prodigious enthusiasm and complete indifference as to whether there was a moon or not.
    • Somehow, the idea of baying, greedy crowds fighting for $100 off some piece of electronica seems like the equivalent of searching for stray wax in a stranger's ears.
    • Welcome to our live coverage of the GOP presidential debate tonight in Orlando, Florida, before an audience of 3,500 Republicans baying for blood – someone's blood.
    • None of the eurosceptics baying for a referendum objects to Mayfair, Kensington and Knightsbridge becoming ghost towns owned by foreigners, nor to swaths of our great companies and brands falling into foreign ownership.
    • But public and press were baying for the pole in the light of this sudden threat to national pride.