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What is the meaning of bawl in Hindi?

Meaning of bawl in Hindi is : ज़ोर से रोना या चिल्लाना

Definition of word bawl

  • To shout or utter in a loud and intense manner. (verb)
    जोर से और तीव्र तरीके से चिल्लाना या बोलना।

Examples of word bawl

  • *tayks anottur bawl frum teh rakk: a yellow furst-troll bawl*
  • The anguish of Patsy's thoughts caused him suddenly to "bawl" as he would have put it himself.
  • It was a good thing he had stopped to "bawl," else maybe he'd have missed the goat who had been having her fill of Mrs. McEnroe's after-grass.
  • It was his responsibility to bawl out Tim for doing something so dangerous, but Grady was leaving it all to Alex.
  • Fact: The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy will make you bawl your eyes out.
  • I could never pull off a full on pretend bawl, but I've got these two dimwits in the palm of my hand now and just a hint will close the deal.
  • Good Omens made me laugh AND bawl like a baby … so, yeah.
  • There was instant silence from the dog, although Tony continued his whining bawl in her ear.
  • Then they go out into the living room and they watch the news and they try not to bawl their eyes out because monsters do exist.