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What is the meaning of bate in Hindi?

Meaning of bate in Hindi is : सस्ता करना

Definition of word bate

  • Simple past of beat; = beat. (verb)
  • An alkaline lye which neutralizes the effect of the previous application of lime, and makes hides supple in the process of tanning. (noun)

Examples of word bate

    • You misspelled Kristin's name, and though the word "bate" is pretty rarely used, that's the way to spell "bated breath." blog comments powered by Disqus
    • • Every household receives a monthly check, or "pre-bate"
    • Republicans are doing what they do best, spin, lie, scandalize, fear-bate ......
    • “No not a stupid proposal, a genius bate and switch.”
    • Why, man, I cud bate ye to death with me two fists if need be.
    • Republicans throw the (race card bate) and the Democrats bite it every time.
    • He said it as an opening gambit at parties, throwing out bate.
    • • Pre-bate equals payback for taxes on spending to poverty level
    • Debateu-se e ainda se bate muito sobre esse jovem musico.
    • • FairTax's pre-bate ensures progressivity, poverty protection