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What is the meaning of basilar in Hindi?

Meaning of basilar in Hindi is : आधारस्थ

Definition of word basilar

  • Of, pertaining to, or located at a base, but especially at the base of the skull or a lung. (adjective)

Examples of word basilar

  • The curved, expanded plate behind the foramen magnum is named the squama; the thick, somewhat quadrilateral piece in front of the foramen is called the basilar part, whilst on either side of the foramen is the lateral portion.
  • Pressure waves activate the basilar membrane of the inner ear as authentically as a fingertip activates the forearm.
  • Her fingers scampered over the table, practicing the deft stitching of the basilar artery.
  • The cause of death was a subdural hematoma, due to a basilar skull fracture.
  • Americans need to retake their original principles (interdependent individualism and liberal democracy), where work was eminent (mainly among protestants), but where a societal sense was basilar.
  • He was subsequently quoted as saying that only the clogging of his basilar artery is preventing the oxygen from making it to his brain.
  • Other complications can include macrocephaly—fluid on the brain—cerebral hemorrhage caused by birth trauma, brittle teeth, and for some Type IIIs, basilar invagination—the second vertebra moves upward and cuts off the opening in the skull where the spinal cord passes through to the brain, causing dizziness, headache, periods of confusion, numbness, or even death.
  • GUPTA: Doctors say Britt suffered from a vertebral basilar stroke, caused by excessive neck manipulation to the spinal column.
  • É o pensamento basilar por detrás de mais uma paranóica corrida às armas, desta vez às ciber-armas.