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What is the meaning of barbara in Hindi?

Meaning of barbara in Hindi is : बार्बारा

Definition of word barbara

  • A female given name. (proper noun)

Examples of word barbara

  • Had I been asked to godfather _Smith and the Pharaohs_ (ARROWSMITH) I should have refused to stand, unless its name was changed to "Barbara who Came Back," for the tale of _Barbara_ is by far the best in this book of short stories.
  • PRES.DENT NAMES.BARBARA S.ELLING AS.A MEMBER OF THE U.S. INS.ITUTE OF PEACE The President today announced his intent to nominate Barbara
  • The name Barbara Tompkins, however, meant nothing to her.
  • UC Santa Barbara is a great university in a wonderful area.
  • The fact that America has witnessed a devastating offshore drilling accident more than 40 years after a massive spill occurred off the coast of Santa Barbara is a testament to why we still need people like Adams.
  • Santa Barbara is a beautiful, if sleepy, town – a couple hours up the California coast from Los Angeles, which I admittedly do not frequent but found myself visiting on Sunday for the first local appearance of Wilco on their tour to support their new album Sky Blue Sky.
  • Big West Conference: UC Santa Barbara is a heavy choice to win the Big West again in 2002-03.
  • Mistress Dearmer led the laughter at what she termed Barbara's country manners and prudery.