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What is the meaning of bankable in Hindi?

Meaning of bankable in Hindi is : अधिकोषणीय

Definition of word bankable

  • Acceptable to a bank. (adjective)

Examples of word bankable

  • Movies made from his books -- including "" The Last Picture Show '' and "" Terms of Endearment '' -- have made his name bankable in Los Angeles, despite a few duds like "" Texasville, '' and his screenplays are always in demand.
  • Lindsay Lohan was axed from a movie because she's not "bankable" -- this according a source connected with the production of the flick.
  • Okay, Downey isn't what we would call a bankable star for the general public, but is a movie about Edgar Allen Poe going to be??
  • MUMBAI, INDIA (GaeaTimes. com) - The trend of making movies without so-called bankable stars and having several sub plots seems to have caught on with Bollywood filmmakers after the runaway success of 'Life In A Metro'.
  • I'm more confident in him taking it that someone who may be considered more 'bankable' but isn't really 'better'.
  • Nostalgia aside, you've been dropped from The Other Side, a film that was slated as your major comeback from trainwreck territory, because you're not "bankable," according to a TMZ source.