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What is the meaning of bandwidth in Hindi?

Meaning of bandwidth in Hindi is :

Definition of word bandwidth

  • The width, usually measured in hertz, of a frequency band. (noun)

Examples of word bandwidth

  • This is because the term bandwidth is propaganda aimed towards stretching the painful process of a company with technological and consumer preferences grossly outdated.
  • I loved the late Robert Anton Wilson's use of the term "reality tunnel" and am a big believer that we are all programmed into one or another worldview, but that continual deliberate exposure to ideas outside your bandwidth is the best counter agent against this there is.
  • Your paying for this bandwidth is the least of their concerns, profitability is all that counts.
  • With satellite Internet the bandwidth is asynchronous – the download is much higher than the upload.
  • Try video - where both latency and bandwidth matter - or VOIP where the bandwidth is a measly 64Kbps but where latency matters.
  • The term bandwidth, in my experience which is similar to Bleier’s, has many different meanings; in my company, it means the range of products offered.