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What is the meaning of banditry in Hindi?

Meaning of banditry in Hindi is : दस्युता

Definition of word banditry

  • Acts characteristic of a bandit; armed robbery. (noun)
    एक डाकू की विशेषता अधिनियम; सशस्त्र डकैती।

Examples of word banditry

  • But in the running world, Mr. Sagal's offense is known as banditry, and any mention of it tends to produce righteous indignation.
  • (Incidentally, the Laffer maximum for banditry from a sedentary neighbor, where there are a few but not many competing bandits, is probably somewhere in between the maxima for fully roving and fully stationary bandits: Sides recounts how the Navajo would not steal every animal from their Pueblo or Mexican neighbors during raids, but made sure to leave them enough breeding stock to rebuild their herds).
  • June 2nd, 2006 at 4: 48 pm cebula john says: bush, blind faith of israel sadism and banditry is your principle value.
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  • Appaently, banditry is a common problem in some coastal areas of Michoacan and Guerrero.
  • Tandja - who pointedly refers to it only as "banditry" - not least because it is flaring in a region hosting uranium mines crucial to the country's economy.
  • Speaking alongside his African Union counterpart Salim Ahmed Salim, the Swedish diplomat said talks would continue on security issues such as banditry and lawlessness in a "bilateral" fashion.
  • The men told the interviewer that they had been promoted in 1997 to a special unit charged with fighting "banditry" whose existence was a secret even within the ranks of the FSB.
  • Farmers apparently welcomed the deal, but it was immediately denounced as giving in to "banditry" by Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
  • Luanda generally blames such "banditry" on UNITA troops, with military sources charging that Savimbi still has more than 30,000 men in arms despite a claim in March that the former rebels had totally demobilised, turning his movement into a purely political opposition party.