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What is the meaning of banausic in Hindi?

Meaning of banausic in Hindi is : साधारण

Definition of word banausic

  • Mechanical; materialistic, uncultured. (adjective)
    यांत्रिक; भौतिकवादी, असंस्कृत।

Examples of word banausic

  • They used the term banausic for the low-cast, cringing souls involved in the making of things.
  • The term "banausic" comes from philosophy and concerns "the illiberal or vulgar arts," subjects with which Vidal has frequently dealt.
  • The gainful occupations, or any occupations pursued for gain, were "banausic," which meant that they had an effect opposite to that of cultivation.
  • Reporters must be honest in online personas, but not blah and banausic « Spreader of Gossip & Vice at 12:16 am, September 29, 2009
  • So unromantic, so banausic, so thoroughly unappealing, yet for all that imponderably heroic.
  • The Greeks preferred the theoretical, the leisurely, to the busy banausic, or mechanical, life of labor.
  • Perhaps Mr. Mazzocco's inventive use of the English language is the source of the confusion, with his "irriguous" organ and "banausic" muse which go "havocking" about the western world.