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What is the meaning of balancing in Hindi?

Meaning of balancing in Hindi is : संतोलन

Definition of word balancing

  • Present participle of balance. (verb)
  • An action wherein someone balances or something is balanced (noun)
    एक क्रिया जिसमें कोई संतुलित करता है या कुछ संतुलित होता है

Examples of word balancing

    • My take on this is: I don't like the phrase 'balancing work and family' and the reason is because it sets up this idea for me of the scales of justice where one side is work, one side family, and they get equal time.
    • Back in Massachusetts, that's what they call balancing the ticket.
    • Big concerns get out what they call a balancing sheet every day yet, and we are lucky if we do it oncet a year already.
    • Sometimes her balancing is cloddish (as deliciously cheesy as it is, her snap 'n b spin on Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" feels like a forced union of Old Mariah and New Mariah), and sometimes it's acrobatic.
    • Monthly update: Entrepreneurs get lesson in balancing work, life; see video
    • Could I do any worse a job in balancing our state budget?
    • Moreover, gimmicks and tricks must be avoided in balancing the budget, such as counting nonexistent federal funds that have not been appropriated by Congress.