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What is the meaning of balances in Hindi?

Meaning of balances in Hindi is :

Definition of word balances

  • Plural form of balance. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of balance. (verb)

Examples of word balances

    • Well that system of checks and balances is unable to keep the government in check, and it has started to spin so fast that it is in danger of self destructing.
    • Matching physical-space and cyberspace protections and balances is the goal, and having hearings would achieve that goal.
    • "The historical risk of large portfolio balances is off the table."
    • One subtle element of those checks and balances is that they are based on a triumvirate of power, not a face-off.
    • It's a move that depends on the reader accepting the blithe but shoddy equation, books = literature, on which Ulin balances his argument.
    • Effective immediately I needed to maintain balances in all my "linked" accounts of a minimum of US$6,000 in order to get those accounts free.
    • The raindrop or a bug creates a verb: "A drop of rain balances ..." or "A bug walks ..."
    • A system of checks and balances is always useful when individuals are asked to make complex decisions.
    • That's why our system of checks and balances is so vital to our liberty.