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What is the meaning of balance in Hindi?

Meaning of balance in Hindi is : हिसाब बैठाना

Definition of word balance

  • a state in which opposing forces harmonise; equilibrium (noun)
    एक राज्य जिसमें विरोधी ताकतें सामंजस्य बिठाती हैं; संतुलन
  • to make (items) weigh up. (verb)
    बनाने के लिए (वस्तुओं) तौलना।

Examples of word balance

    • But while an act of self-control can restore the proper temper and balance to the mind when it is in danger, _the best way is to keep it so that it will not go off the balance_.
    • -- Update users balance update accounts a, bh_sessions p set a. balance = a. balance+ (copyA3_cost+copyA4_cost) + (printA4_cost+printA3_cost) where p. accountid = a. accountid and sessionstate = 'closed' and p. processed = 0 and p. guid = guid;
    • With his invention of the term balance sheet deflation, Richard Koo of Nomura Research Institute has described such an economic trap in which credit stops growing, not because banks do not want to lend, but because companies and households do not want to borrow.
    • "Leaper," he said, "do you understand what is meant by the term 'balance of power'?"
    • Again balance is a consideration - mixing up lengths and (in particular, in this case) tone.
    • Bluntly, the phrase balance of power was a code word for hegemony.
    • To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.
    • Ways I feel could address this power in balance is moves such as reducing (possibly removing) the party whips and their power to court and bribe, or even force, MPs to vote in a certain way.