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What is the meaning of backlash in Hindi?

Meaning of backlash in Hindi is : प्रतिघात

Definition of word backlash

  • A sudden backward motion. (noun)
    अचानक पीछे की ओर गति।
  • : To cause or set off a backlash. (verb)
    : प्रतिक्रिया उत्पन्न करना या उत्पन्न करना।

Examples of word backlash

    • Well, buckle your seat belts: the backlash is here.
    • Because fear of that kind of backlash is the only justification for this that I can think of.
    • That "backlash" is unlikely to materialise, mainly because the core Eurosceptics in the parliamentary party are well aware that the Cameroonies – and Francis Maude in particular - would welcome a showdown, with hard-liners storming out of the party.
    • And also to explain what I think the root of the backlash is to the Rule as stated among some groups.
    • The backlash is hurting Cessna where it counts, the company recently laid off 4,500 workers because of the sudden drop in demand.
    • The birthers may have reached and passed their peak, though, thanks to the scrutiny, the derisive laughter, and the backlash from the overkill on the part of the wingnuts in the mainstream media like Lou Dobbs.
    • Flint, MI, I hunt every where in MI and love the Saginaw Bay/Port Austin Launch! hey backlash is the "Portside" still open on main street in Marquette?