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What is the meaning of awaken in Hindi?

Meaning of awaken in Hindi is : सावधान करना

Definition of word awaken

  • To cause to become awake. (verb)

Examples of word awaken

  • Hearing you awaken from the dead, your cat runs screeching.
  • I (with sincere optimism and hope) believe that the common sense of your generation and those who went before will be rediscovered and reclaimed as people at large finally awaken from the almost complete slumber that has befallen us for the past 45 years or so.
  • Hell, its famous first line, “the most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to awaken from the sleep of ignorance,” is quoted in the Tsinghua Book of Quotations, and being quoted there means that you've entered the canon.
  • I wanted to see the rest of the valley awaken from a sun drunk slumber and move about in its search for food and water, exercise and eventually, bed time.
  • They seemed to awaken from a dream, and the moment they were in the train, which fortunately came quite soon, they began to talk.
  • Some inoculates aver that they awaken from the first night's sleep with a dark brown taste in their mouths.
  • Sunday_ (alas! what recollections does not the word awaken) -- to brave the reception-room of my prison.
  • “The Speaker,” the man replied, speaking slowly as if explaining to a child, “is the one charged with interpreting the will of the Computer, that it may guide us all to the Reward where your people can once more awaken from the Great Sleep.
  • Mike Myers stars as a 70’s swinger who has just awaken from a coma, will he find love in the 21st Century, find out this summer with Guruvy Baby!!
  • And with your word you will be able to return to the stillness, to the beginning where nothing is, where all of creation returns to silence, but your word will awaken it and you will name the gods and give voice to the trees and you will give nature a tongue to speak for you of the invisible that will again be visible through your word.