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What is the meaning of awaited in Hindi?

Meaning of awaited in Hindi is : प्रतीक्षित

Definition of word awaited

  • Simple past tense and past participle of await. (verb)

Examples of word awaited

  • The fulfilment of a dream long awaited is a present that will always live in my heart, and mind, and Spirit.
  • The family continues: So eagerly awaited that the term "eagerly awaited" is a ridiculous understatement, "The Sopranos" begins its sixth and reportedly final full season tonight on HBO, and advance viewing of the first four installments suggests that television's greatest drama series has only gotten greater.
  • He did not hear the voice again but out there in the shimmering space the call awaited him.
  • Not in competition but eagerly awaited is Japanese veteran filmmaker Yoji Yamada's "Ototo"
  • Now the vast collection of cars reversed itself and the traffic jam back to the Bali Hai was even more tedious [731] than the earlier one, but when the cavalcade finally reached there and disappointed men filed into the Dagger Bar, a phone call awaited Dr. Mott: "Can you please come over to the press room at the Hilton?


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