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What is the meaning of avow in Hindi?

Meaning of avow in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word avow

  • To declare openly and boldly, as something believed to be right; to own, acknowledge or confess frankly. (verb)

Examples of word avow

  • To punish men for beliefs they dare to avow is to risk punishing the sincere and to allow hypocrites to go unpunished.
  • Ennahda party leaders have said that the Assembly will focus on democracy, human rights and a free-market economy -- and will not introduce Sharia law or other Islamic concepts to alter what they avow to be a secular constitutional text.
  • Federation, speaking of the National Civic Federation soon after its inception, said: To fall into one another's arms, to avow friendship, to express regret at the injury which has been done, would not alter the facts of the situation.
  • In order to achieve full civil rights now, we avow:
  • For many Christians, America has become a fierce goddess, who claims more of their loyalty than the God in whose name they have been baptized and whose absolute Lordship they solemnly avow.
  • Yet she could not bring herself to avow it openly, either at or after the luncheon.
  • They openly avow their objective is to institute Sharia law wherever they rule.