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What is the meaning of avenge in Hindi?

Meaning of avenge in Hindi is : बैर शोधन करना

Definition of word avenge

Examples of word avenge

  • Specifically, "Survive and Avenge the Attack on Pearl Harbor."
  • In documents filed in a San Jose, Calif., federal court on Tuesday, prosecutors alleged that 14 of those arrested had participated in "Operation Avenge Assange," named after the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
  • “Avenge the crucified one upon his enemies who stand before you; then go to war against the Muslims.”
  • My colleague Jeremy John, in a guest post for ReadWriteWeb, helped us understand the distributed denial of service DDOS attacks on Visa in the context of nonviolent protest and digital activism: Operation Avenge Assange as Digital Direct Action.
  • A huge fist shakes above "Avenge December 7" as the words loom over the outline of the battleship USS Arizona exploding at Pearl Harbor.
  • Avenge me, she gasped and then convulsed, long legs splayed out in a vee.
  • The Swedish news website The Local said the attacks on the post office, commercial companies and Swedish prosecutors was named "Operation Avenge Assange."