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What is the meaning of autumnal in Hindi?

Meaning of autumnal in Hindi is : शारद

Definition of word autumnal

  • Of or relating to autumn. (adjective)

Examples of word autumnal

  • And the only place it feels remotely autumnal is in the mall.
  • So the piece is done in autumnal, slightly Hallowe'eny colours with spider webs stitched in each square and some inspirational words and faces.
  • ABOUT THREE YEARS ago I began to notice that the natural arc both of my reading and my writing was suffering what might be called an autumnal change.
  • Beyond definition, one with the earth upon which it plays, Shelley's "Wind" (69), no longer identified as autumnal, is also one with the poet as the practice itself of poetry — a practice that extends beyond writer and reader to effect the awakening of earth itself.
  • On a certain autumnal Saturday afternoon about seventy-five or more years ago two men entered Willow Glen by the highway from the west, leading between them a wild, shaggy animal, a buffalo recently capured on the prairies, being the first one seen in this part of the country.
  • There are touches of his distinctive voice in the writing, and visually the film recalls the autumnal palette of Hannah and Her Sisters and September.