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What is the meaning of aucthoritie in Hindi?

Meaning of aucthoritie in Hindi is :

Definition of word aucthoritie

Examples of word aucthoritie

  • The priestes are the heades, and chiefe of all the residewe, and haue aucthoritie aswell in sentence of lawe, as to put ordre in al ciuile affaires: the sentence of deaths onely excepted.
  • To the Bishoppe was giuen aucthoritie, to ordeine and make other
  • Yea, thei haue a certaine ordinaunce, that none shalbe slaue or bonde amonge them, but all fre, and of equalle aucthoritie and honour.
  • And for that no manne hath aucthoritie amonge them to giue fredome vnto anye of this bonde ofspring: The nombre of them by continuance, came vnto a greate multitude.
  • The lawe hath bene, that the priestes of Memphis shoulde haue the aucthoritie to sende the Kinge the token of deathe, and to set vp another in the place of the deade, whom they thoughte good.
  • To prove a passage by the Norwest, without any land impedimentes to hinder the same, by aucthoritie of writters, and experience of trauellers, contrary to the former obiections.
  • These fewe exam - ples of their vanities and lies, doe shewe the feigned ground and aucthoritie of the reste.
  • [Sidenote: A sentence a - genst thefte.] the vniuersalle societée of life is caste doune, hereby a confu - sion groweth, and a subuersion in all states immediatlie fol - loweth, equitee, iustice, and all sincere dealyng is abaundo - ned, violence extirpateth vertue, and aucthoritie is cutte of.