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What is the meaning of aubergine in Hindi?

Meaning of aubergine in Hindi is :

Definition of word aubergine

  • an Asian plant, Solanum melongena, cultivated for its edible purple, green, or white ovoid fruit (noun)

Examples of word aubergine

  • Food Rocks was a genuinely crappy show ( "The Boogie Woogie Bagel Bakery Boy" was the highlight, if you can believe it), but owning a genuine Epcot animatronic aubergine is a pretty tempting proposition.
  • I love the eggplant aka aubergine addition and anchovy dressing :
  • My favourite vegetables are aubergine, which is great, sliced lengthways and brushed with marinade, as is courgette.
  • I wanted aubergine, which is a rich, plum-esque color.
  • "Knowing that an aubergine is the same as an eggplant, or that drumsticks equal chicken legs, simply gives better results."
  • In Europe it is called aubergine, the word also deriving from Sanskrit, via Catalan, Arabic and Persian.
  • Using the same trick in the Gimp we can see that the aubergine is a dark shade of the hue at 323 degrees, exactly 60 degrees apart from the orange.
  • And I had the most amazing eggplant (called aubergine) dish the other night.
  • It is not kosher. eggplant (solanum melongena) - related to deadly nightshade (though not nearly as dangerous) - aka aubergine, brinjal, needs treatment to get rid of bitterness which is why recipes using it often call for baking it, grilling it or letting it sit, salted prior to actual cooking; disgustingly yummy in dips and curries, the Japanese variety is small, the SE Asian variety tiny, and the US variety so abundantly large you almost die of horror when it shrinks as you prepare it.
  • LinuxPlanet goes into more detail about the changes coming to the Ubuntu desktop, reporting that the traditionally brown-colored interface will be replaced with a "aubergine" purplish look.