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What is the meaning of attractive in Hindi?

Meaning of attractive in Hindi is : सोहनी

Definition of word attractive

  • Causing attraction; having the quality of attracting by inherent force. (adjective)
    आकर्षण पैदा करना; अंतर्निहित बल द्वारा आकर्षित करने का गुण होना।

Examples of word attractive

  • So, they were asked to evaluate the candidates based on nothing else except their appearance, and the more attractive candidates were deemed... wait for it.... *more attractive*!
  • "We'll miss both hopeful rallies and despairing selloffs," said Mr. Arbess, who said he has assumed a "neutral" position, despite what he calls "attractive" stock and bond opportunities.
  • The advertising community found this term attractive for two reasons, one explicit and one subconscious.
  • Google earns what it describes as attractive returns on its investments by capturing local and federal renewable energy tax credits and charging interest on the money it supplies for the projects.
  • The Navy said the low take up had nothing to do with the packages on offer which it described as 'attractive'.
  • I mean, biologically it would seem, we are wired to be drawn to what we call attractive women.
  • If being more conventionally attractive is a motivating factor, that's fine.