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What is the meaning of attract in Hindi?

Meaning of attract in Hindi is : मोह लेना

Definition of word attract

  • To pull toward without touching (verb)
    बिना छुए अपनी ओर खींचना

Examples of word attract

  • Try to make your title attract a certain audience.
  • By the way, how many Bostonians did Sarah Palin attract yesterday on the Boston Common?
  • The nature of the opposition they attract is itself proof that con-cons can make a real difference.
  • If there are multiple trailers for one movie out in theaters, attached to different movies, the possible audience it can attract is broadened as opposed to just in one trailer's case.
  • How communities are run and their priorities, how you live your life, what kinds of people you attract is the ultimate politics.
  • Yet it must again attract it precisely as that of which it is conscious as itself, only in a different form [Gestalt].
  • Why plants would try to poison the honeybees they wish to attract is a scientific mystery.
  • Diplomatically, the United States can use the combination of “hard” and “soft” assets that constitute its unique strength to show a face that will again attract the world.