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What is the meaning of attenuation in Hindi?

Meaning of attenuation in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word attenuation

  • A gradual diminishing in the strength of something. (noun)
    किसी चीज की ताकत में धीरे-धीरे कमी होना।

Examples of word attenuation

  • Jobs kept using the word attenuation which is incorrect because with detuning the antenna comes pattern changes as the system interacts with human limbs now connected to it.
  • Nicotine-replacement treatments resulted in attenuation of post-cessation weight gain (-0.45 kg) at the end of treatment and at 12 months (-0.42 kg).
  • Apple conceded the point, but said this effect, called attenuation, occurred on all cellphones, even those whose antennas were out of view inside the case.
  • What can happen – and this really only applies to longer cable runs of 6 feet or more – is something called signal attenuation, which is a weakening of the electrical signals.
  • In 1995, 60 percent of our ground water cleanup decisions reflect extraction and treatment being used in conjunction with other techniques, such as bioremediation, underground treatment walls, or monitored natural attenuation, which is often used to reduce low levels of contaminants.
  • In this only lies the difference between the old word fermentation, and the new word attenuation, every thing used as a ferment, or to promote fermentation, is attenuant.
  • The next limitation was that certain analog frequencies would transmit more efficiently than one another, causing an impairment variously called attenuation distortion or frequency distortion.