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What is the meaning of attention in Hindi?

Meaning of attention in Hindi is : सावधानी

Definition of word attention

  • Mental focus. (noun)
  • Used as a command to bring soldiers to the attention position. (interjection)

Examples of word attention

    • To summarize the most effective method of gaining attention -- _hit each sense to which you appeal as strongly as you can, without making a disagreeable impression, strike as many senses as possible, and keep on using your sense-hitting device as long as necessary to get or to recover exclusive favorable attention_.
    • Tbe preceding extracls fufficiently manifeft this writer's waL It the fennel we do not find Efficient proofs of fuperiour judgment or erudition, to authorize our recommending his work to the attention of young clergymen as a guivte in their flu dies, rhef r clerical duty, or their peifonal conduit, home of the author's fuggtftiont may claim attention* particularly the letter on the compofitiori and delivery of fermons; but the general fubieel of tliefe letters has been much better treated by bUhop Burnet, archbifhop Seeker, Dr. Napletoa, and others.
    • Inspiration Deficit Disorder is a play off the term attention deficit disorder, which gets wildly overused, in my opinion.
    • The term attention-deficit disorder turns out to be a misnomer.
    • Another thing to which he called our attention was the fact that frames A, B, E, F, H, K and L were stiffened with cross braces, while the rest were not.
    • It was one of the serious mistakes and they recognize it now and if you look at the programme you find there very little provision for the further development of heavy industry and that the main attention is being directed to developing light industries-commodities the people require.
    • The last of the five points to which I called your attention was the eye-spots.