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What is the meaning of attain in Hindi?

Meaning of attain in Hindi is : सिद्ध करना

Definition of word attain

  • To accomplish; to achieve. (verb)
    पूर्ण करना; प्राप्त करने के लिए।

Examples of word attain

  • And just the fact that you used the word attain instead of obtain, tells me you think the latter is fine.
  • We may never again attain the stature this president and his criminal cohorts have so brutally wasted in their headlong grab for oil money and power.
  • Sartre's existentialism may be understood in the sense that the degree of happiness which an individual can hope to attain is governed by his willingness to take his stand in accordance with his ethos and to accept the consequences thereof; this is a more austere interpretation of a philosophy admirably expressed by Nobel's contemporary, Ralph Waldo Emerson:
  • Indeed, the security which our children attain is likened to that of children in our ordinary third elementary grade.
  • I use the word attain because I believe this faith requires some ongoing effort on our part.
  • Maybe they’re right, if we let Palin attain a leadership position because we are too politically correct to call her a phu (king retard, well that would be dangerous for this country.
  • The other goal they trying to attain is to wipe out racial, social, class, what-have-you barriers; to treat all the children in New York as equals with equal potential.
  • These people deserve to be addressed with the amount of dignity that their views attain, which is very, very little.
  • ‘That is a position which very few women can attain, that is, very few single women.’
  • And for This, the sternest and the uttermost combat is set before the Souls; all our labour is for This, lest we be left without part in this noblest vision, which to attain is to be blessed in the blissful sight, which to fail of is to fail utterly.